How we are making a difference

In South Africa, Not only do chain grocers dominate prime real estate, they also dominate online sales, making it difficult for small independent grocers to compete. hoodgoods seeks to level the playing field by providing a unique opportunity to independent grocers, butchers, and convenience store owners in South Africa. This is achieved by:

  1. Providing an e-commerce platform which gives these independent businesses an online presence which they may not be able to execute on their own,(owing to the time and complexities involved in going online), thus making them relevant in their neighbourhoods.
  2. Providing access to new customers while serving existing customers better. The hoodgoods online marketplace will allow new and existing customers in the immediate and surrounding areas the opportunity to search the inventory of local businesses and place orders online. There are so many small stores offering amazing products but have never been visible to customers even in their own neighbourhoods!
  3. Providing insights into purchase patterns and consumer demands, ensuring shop owners provide daily product offerings that align with customer purchasing trends. This has traditionally been an area only privileged large businesses have had access to. We want to democratise data and insights and in doing so level the playing field.
  4. Provide a fast, efficient and affordable delivery service for shop owners and customers, ensuring that customers always receive exactly what they order in a timely manner through a dedicated delivery service. It is cumbersome (and expensive) for small businesses to manage a .delivery fleet! Through the power of collaboration and group selling, we empower small business grocers with access to a fleet of reliable delivery personnel. And whats more, is we manage it all for them!