hoodgoods is a social movement.

Let’s face it, COVID has changed the way we work, the way we socialise and the way we shop. Who would have believed that 2020 would mean working from home, standing in queues to get into the grocery store, wearing a mask whenever you step outside and elbowing your neighbour to say hi.  

We were already in trouble before COVID. The pandemic just highlighted and exacerbated the problems and inequalities that existed long before. Our local small businesses are and have been suffering, the economy is tanking and there seems no end in sight. But at  hoodgoods we believe small businesses play an enormous role in contributing to the South African economy.  

We love South Africa, we say local is lekka and we believe small businesses strengthen and build communities. Its time we stop waiting for the government to do something and be the change we want to see in South Africa. 

Our mission at hoodgoods is to help support small businesses adapt, effectively compete, grow and thrive in a changing business environment. 

Wbelieve in: 

  • Supporting local South African home-grown small businesses 
  • Encouraging consumers to shop at their local neighbourhood stores 
  • Strengthening and building cohesive neighbourhoods 
  • Keeping the money circulating in local communities 
  • Giving small businesses the kind of information and insights that until now, only the big stores have had access to  

Small businesses – let’s work together and build our communities one neighbourhood at a time!