Hoodgoods Privacy Notice


  • When you use hoodgoods, you trust us with your personal information. We want to keep your trust so we would like you to understand how, why and when we process your personal information. That starts with helping you understand our privacy practices.
  • This notice describes the personal information we collect, how it’s used and shared, and your choices regarding this information.

How and why we collect personal information

  • We collect:
    • Your personal information when you transact with us;
    • Data you create when you use our services, such as location, product preferences;
    • Your personal information from other services, such as our business partners and other third parties that may use hoodgoods.
  • We collect this information so we can:
    • Deliver effective and personalized services to you;
    • Tell you about trending products and services from our business partners;
    • Improve our offering to suit your unique needs;
    • Carry out data analysis to identify new markets and trends, evaluate and improve our business (including improving existing and developing new products and services);
    • Verify and protect your identity;
    • Monitor and analyse your account for credit fraud and other risk related purposes required by law;
    • Provide relevant information to a contracted third party who requires your information to render a service to you and only if such contracted third party maintains our desired level of data compliance;
    • Provide relevant information if required by law or if we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights or to comply with any legal process. 
    • Without your personal information, we will not be able to provide you with or continue to provide you with products and services

Storing personal information

We store personal information collected through our Website/App  securely and no outside entity can gain unauthorised access to it.

Our use of technology to follow your use of our Website/App

  • We also collect and examine information about visits to this Website/App.
  • We use this information to find out how our website/App is being used which helps us to add more value to our services.
  • We gather this information in such a way that we do not get personal information about any individual or their online behaviour on other websites

Third parties

  • We engage other entities to provide the services to us. When we do this, they have to agree to our privacy policies if they need access to any personal information to carry out their services.
  • Our Website/App may contain links to, or from other Websites/Apps. We try to link only to Website/Apps that also have high standards and appreciation for privacy, but we are not responsible for their security and privacy practices / compliance or their content. We recommend that you always read the privacy and security statements on these sites.

When we may share personal information without consent

  • We will only share your personal information without your consent, if
      • We must do so by law or in terms of a court order
      • It is in the public interest
      • We need to do so to protect your & our rights.


  • We use cookies on our Website/App.
  • A cookie is pieces of text that are saved on your Device browser when you use our App. The cookie is sent back to our server each time you visit our site.
  • Cookies make it easier for us to give you a better experience online. You can stop your browser from accepting cookies, but if you do, some parts of our Apps or online services may not work.
  • We recommend that you allow cookies.

Our security practices

  • We are committed to providing reasonable secure online services. All use of our Website/App and transactions through it are protected using international good standards.
  • Our systems are protected to guard against intruders. Only authorized individuals can gain access to your information
  • You must read the security tips and updates on our Website/App regularly to make sure that you benefit from our security practices.

Personal use of emails and notice about checking on emails

  • Our communication and information systems are for business use. However, we realise that our employees occasionally use our systems for personal use. Personal use includes sending or receiving personal emails within or outside hoodgoods.
  • We do not accept responsibility for the contents of personal information sent by our employees using our systems.
  • Please note that we reserve the right to intercept, check on and delete any communications created, stored, sent, or received using our systems, according to relevant laws.

Right of access to information

  • The promotion of Access to Information Act was passed to give effect to your constitutional right of access to information held by any public or private body for the exercise or protection of any right.
  • You must be given access to any information record at hoodgoods if all the following requirements are met:
      • The record is required for the exercise or protection of any right of the individual.
      • The requester meets the procedural requirements of the act relating to a request for access to an information record.
      • The request falls outside any of the grounds of refusal contemplated in the act.

Please note:

  • We may amend this Privacy and Security Statement from time to time.
  • You have the right to object to the processing of Your Personal Information.
  • Should you believe that we have utilised your personal information contrary to applicable law, you should first resolve any concerns with us. If you are not satisfied with such process, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Regulator.
  • We will only share your personal information if it is requested by a third party to whom you have already given your consent for the disclosure of this information and the party that we share the information with agrees to keep the information confidential. If we want to share your information for any other reason, we will do so only with your permission.
  • We may provide to any credit bureau or credit providers industry association any information relating to your creditworthiness or any consumer credit information including but not limited to credit history, financial history, and judgement or default history in accordance with the requirements of the National Credit Act and Regulations.
  • We, as well as any contracted third parties, will keep you updated on information about any new products and services which we may make available at any time. Please contact us if you do not wish to receive any telephonic direct marketing from us.
  • You have the right to contact and ask us to update, correct or delete your personal information.
  • You agree that we may retain your personal information until such time as you request us to destroy them (unless we are obliged by law to retain it, regardless of such request) If hoodgoods becomes involved in a proposed or actual merger, acquisition or any form of sale of some or all its assets, we may use and disclose your personal information to third parties in connection with the evaluation of the transaction. The surviving company, or the acquiring company in the case of a sale of assets, would have access to your personal information which would continue to be subject to this notice.
  • We are also required to collect and retain information in terms of the following legislation:
  • The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT)
  • The Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA)
  • The National Credit Act (NCA)
  • RICA (Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-related Information Act)
  • The Consumer Protection Act (CPA); amongst others.