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Why Use HoodGoods?

Because we understand firsthand the challenges experienced by small business owners. We are committed to supporting and improving small business sales in South Africa, since small businesses contribute to 70% of the jobs in our country.  

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We Live in a Changing Marketplace

In South Africa 98.5% of all businesses, which employ 70% of the nation’s jobs, are SMMEs. Struggling before the March 2020 national lockdown, many SMMEs now face financial ruin. Often without the ability or resources to respond to the changing business environment, the lockdown hit SMMEs hard.

  • 92% indicate that their businesses were negatively impacted
  • 75% will close if the lockdown extends beyond the end of
  • 71% do not have the cash needed to maintain operations beyond three months
  • 65% had no turnover during the first five weeks of lockdown
  • 50% have been forced to reduce staff through unpaid leave
  • 27% have permanently retrenched workers
Reactions to Covid-19 and concerns for personal safety have drastically altered the shopping habits of consumers. While recession is expected in South Africa as a result of the national lockdown, the eCommerce sector is expected to grow. In fact, the lockdown has pushed online shopping in South Africa into overdrive. Globally, grocery deliveries have increase 5 fold since March, while delivery companies have seen significant customer growth. While large, chain, grocery stores make use of online orders and home delivery, many smaller, independent grocers do not. It is these small,  independent grocers that make up a large portion of the SMME landscape in South Africa. However, small and independent grocers are struggling to adapt to a changing competitive environment because of the dominance of national  supermarket chains.
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Support your local businesses and help build up your neighbourhood. 65% of all money spent in local business ends up back in the community.

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